“To disseminate knowledge with a difference” is our prime goal. I am privileged to have excellent Educators who not only impart knowledge within the perimeters of a set curriculum but also focus on moulding and shaping our students personalities to be team players by instilling a healthy competitive spirit and imparting problem solving skills. We focus on outcome based learning and most importantly, assist our students in understanding the importance of ethics and moral and human values that will contribute positively to the growth of a community and society in general.

It gives me immense joy to say that we have many students who stand out as true role models. This stellar quality would not have been visible without an equally stellar team of Educators who relentlessly strive to achieve this vial goal.

Extracurricular activities such as sports, elocution, debates, dramatics and cultural programmes have contributed to strengthen the confidence and the student’s personalities that truly reflect the institutions dedication and mission.

Mrs. Cintia Maria e Abranches